Muaythai / Kickboxer • Australian Professional Boxer • MMA Fighter

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Wes Capper is one of Australia's most recognisable atheletes in the Australian Fighting Scene.

In 2013, Wes, signed a 3 year contract with Pochiro Boxing Promotions, Lasvegas. Pochiro Boxing is well regarded as the premier feeder promotion in the USA for TOPRANK boxing Promotions, the home of the best boxers on the planet. Easily recognising the potential of Wes, Pochiro Boxing assigned Wes to the, Hall of Fame Boxing Coach — Miguel Diaz, as one of three potential superstars under his tutelage whilst living in the USA.

Current C8 Lightweight MMA Champion
3x Australian Kickboxing Champion
Current Australian Champion in Middleweight Division